Mike Lazaridiz and Jim Balsille Receives $ 12 Million Total from RIM

It has been almost five months Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsille resigned his position as Co-CEO of Research In Motion (RIM). As reported from the Globe and Mail, RIM announced the compensation to be received by Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsille.
Mike Lazaridis is still on BOD representative ranks will get a compensation of $ 3.9 million. For Jim Balsille who have left full rim following from the ranks of BOD RIM, will receive $ 7.9 million. A large amount when compared to the salary received during the first year I was here there is no 1% ..: D

Actual total of the total reaches $ 12 million. But when compared to the new RIM CEO, when calculated for the year 2012 is Thorsten Heinz earned $ 10.2 million, which means a rise of nearly $ 9 million, in comparison of salaries in 2011 to only $ 1.9 million when he was promoted to CEO at RIM. View of the obtained by Thorsten Heinz, he never imagined what kind of responsibility towards the rim size.