Mobile Samsung Galaxy S IV would not Disrupt iPhone Sales

Samsung and Apple is a competitor in the mobile world. In fact both the smartphone manufacturer dominates the smart phone sales in the world. So, what are the circumstances in the future post-launch by Samsung Galaxy S IV?


Perhaps many would assume that selling the Galaxy S IV will give a negative impact on sales of the iPhone. However, not so in the opinion of analysts in the global mobile market.

The first is from Jefferies analyst Peter Misek said that it is. He said that the Galaxy S IV is likely to sell well. However, he considered that the Galaxy S IV is not a revolutionary device in his eyes.

Analyst Brian White of Topeka was revealed that is not much different. He said that the Galaxy S IV is not going to change the competition between Samsung and Apple. In fact, she said that the iPhone 5S likely to be released by Apple in the next 6 months will be able to easily beat the Galaxy S sales level IV. Especially in if Apple decides to produce cheaper version of the iPhone.