Modern Tools Make Powering Airplanes Much Easier

aircraftgroundpowerunitIf you’re like most people, when you look out at an airplane, you see a big, confusing machine that seems almost impossible to power. How does a bird so big fly through the air with so much speed and strength? Powering up an airplane is a difficult task. In the past, airlines have had trouble because they lacked a functional power supply that could handle the job while being decently portable. That’s until the ground power unit starting to take hold. GPUs, as they are known, have completely changed the game, bringing enhanced power and versatility.

These units perform a number of different functions, but perhaps the most important is powering up airplanes. GPUs pack a huge punch, bringing the necessary power to get airplanes up and going. In most cases, small GPUs are capable of powering the vast majority of business jets. Bigger units may be required in order to power up larger commercial jets, but this is not typically a concern for a smaller airplane owner. With a standard 24-volt GPU, powering on a standard jet stops being a problem.

The upside to having these units is that they provide the ability to do quick maintenance. One of the challenges of operating an airplane, even if that plane is small, is that you have to worry about all of the things that can go wrong. Airplanes are extraordinarily complex, and little mistakes in maintenance can have major consequences. This, in turn, makes it extremely important to have a GPU unit in order to allow for quick plane maintenance.

The upside to these units is that they can be charged relatively quickly. Because they feature a series of two-volt batteries, today’s GPUs are relatively easy to transport, as well. In a matter of minutes, they can get a plane up and running. The typical charge time after that is only a few hours, so they are ready to go again in short order. This is why so many plane owners have found powering and maintaining their plane much easier with this new technology.