New iPad 3 Will Use Chipset A6?

Regarding rumors emerging about Apple will release iPad Mini in a few weeks, now there is a new rumor if his presence will now be accompanied by the emergence of the New iPad 3. No wonder indeed if Apple will release several new products simultaneously.

Apple has indeed been issued by the New iPad (iPad 3rd generation) some time ago, while Apple is now reportedly going to make the new New iPad 3. Different from the previous iPad 3 is the New iPad 3 will use the A6 chipset.

The New iPad 3 is a renewal of the previous generation, the iPad 3. A6 chipset as known to have been buried on the iPhone 5, is now reportedly renewal on the New iPad 3 will use the same processor. This will make the performance of the New iPad 3 will be faster for sure.

Will these rumors will come true? we wait presence.