New iPhone and iPad will Use the Stylus?

Is the new iPad will be using the stylus? This allegation was found to be higher after registering a patent Apple stylus IPEN epithet that might be the gadget accessories in the future.

Announced by the patent office of United States Patent & Trademark Office, IPEN is equipped with technology advanced enough so that not only can be used for drawing, but also provide feedback to the user if there is a problem. IPEN is equipped with a built in speaker.

Not only used for the iPad alone. Reportedly, this Apple-style stylus will also be used in the iPhone or iPod Touch.

Apple-style stylus is otherwise able to detect if the use is not appropriate. For example, if the pressure is less strong, IPEN will notify the user through vibrations or sound.

Chances are, the stylus can also be operated without having to touch screen devices. The patent also indicates that Apple will didayai style stylus with solar energy.

Apple and Steve Jobs previously known don’t like stylus. However, this patent seems to confront these assumptions.

Not yet clear when this will eventually be applied to the stylus on the Apple gadget or merely a patent it. quoted from SmartHouse, Tuesday (29/05/2012).