Newsstand Update Brings the “Read Them Here First” Section

Newsstand Update

Quietly, Apple unleashed an update to its Newsstand interface. Now, users are provided with a new section called “Read Them Here First” at the top of the display. This is where you are allowed to read a portion of the content of all publications by Hearst just a few moments before their official print and digital versions are up for purchase.

The idea is Apple and Hearst want to tease and make you curious about the full content that will be disclosed on the official version of the publications. Both parties expect that you’re going to develop a quite deep-rooted curiosity and will eventually by the full version. It’s pretty logical but unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be an option to disable this section.

For your information, there are quite a bunch of popular magazines which belong to Hearst such as “Popular Mechanics”, “Seventeen and Harper’s Bazaar”, and “Car and Driver”. So, probably it’s a good idea, after all, to include this section. Many argue that Hearst has been raking a good deal of financial success since iTunes features Newsstand. The number of subscribers of its digital magazines has grown up to a whopping 800,000 people. This is probably what prompts Hearst to bare a part of its periodicals.

Sure, there is always the chance that readers will, in contrast, turn away after reading the teaser but Hearst is confident enough that its products aren’t the low quality one that it even scares away people after they toss a glance on it. If in the future, Hearst success becomes even greater, it’s not impossible that other publisher will make the same agreement with Apple. How do you guys like it?