Nexus 8 Tablet Appears on Official Site Google?

A tablet from Google’s latest Nexus has just appeared on the official website of the owner of the Android OS. The tablet also has a different design with the Nexus 7 is currently available on the market. Speculation that the tablet is the Nexus 8 began to emerge.


The emergence of the latest Nexus tablet was first noticed by members of The Verge forums. Nexus Tablet 8 seemed to be at the hands of a model. The tablet also has a size that is thinner than the Nexus 7. Additionally, this tablet also has a thinner bezel.

The Nexus Tablet 8 also appears to have had a front camera. Speculation is growing that the tablet Nexus 8 reveals it is manufactured by LG which is a partner in building a smartphone Google Nexus 4 and 5. Plus the South Korean electronics manufacturer is also just sent certified Bluetooth 8-inch tablet with code V510.