Nine Tips to Protect Your Eyes While Reading on Your iPhone


With smartphones having become the order of the day, they have become an inevitable part of our hectic life. However, you need to realize the strain they may put on your eyes. A vast majority of smartphone users glances at the screen more than 150 times a day, according to the 2013 Internet Trends report.

Dr. Jeffrey Anshel, a reputed optometrist, says there is a chance of your eyes getting affected by this habit. Looking at your iPhone or laptop can cause itching in your eyes, frequent headaches, and hazy vision. Although it has not yet been proven that long drawn sessions of computer or even your phone can permanently harm the eyes, it is a fact they cause discomfort and unwanted strain to your eyes. This makes it imperative for you to take some precautionary measures to ensure your eyes do not get harmed too much. Read on below for nine easy, healthy tips you can adopt to protect your eyes while using reading apps for iPhone like Nook App and gazing for hours at a time at your phone.

Keep Blinking Your Eyes as Often as Possible

Blinking often is the best way to retain moisture in your eyes and lower the irritation or itchiness you may often experience. Ensuring you blink at least a dozen times every 20 minutes is ideal to maintain the moisture in it. This is also proven to be a good way to refocus your eyes as well.

Reduce Glare

Most mobile phones have quite a considerable amount of reflecting glare, which can be quite a strain for your eyes. This can be averted by attaching an anti-reflective coat onto the screen of your phone. These screen protectors are also ideal to avoid fingerprints. Many of the latest smartphones are also equipped with glass which has anti-glare properties which solve this problem for you.

Make Sure to Take a Break Often

Although this advice may seem impossible, your eyes are sure to benefit from this habit, especially while reading books. If you haven’t heard about the 20-20-20 rule, it’s time you are aware of it. Every 20 minutes you need to take a break from looking at your mobile or computer for a period of 20 seconds, and look at an object around 20 feet away. This will give the muscles of your eye a much-needed break.

Alter the Brightness or Dimness of Your Screen

Having an extremely bright or dark screen puts a lot of stress on your eyes and makes it quite strenuous to focus. This is something that can be solved by just taking a few seconds to visit the settings of your phone. You can alter the brightness of your screen and make it at par with the level of brightness of your surrounding environment.

Correct the Size of Your Text and Contrast

Correcting the dimensions of your text contrast is also proven to be quite effective in providing your eyes with a good break. This automatically reduces the strain on your eyes while reading emails, E-books, appointments in the calendar, and web content.

Ensure Your Screen Is Clean and Clear

Make sure you regularly clean your screen with a soft, dry piece of cloth. Never make the mistake of cleaning the screen with a damp rag. Wiping your screen clean will help to get rid of the dirt, dust, and finger smudges across your iPhone screen. This in turn enables you to read your ebooks and messages faster and more easily.

Maintain a Good Distance Between You and Your Phone

The majority of iPhone users make the mistake of holding their phone just around six to eight inches away from their eyes. This is not enough if you want to have healthy eyes for a long time to come. Your mobile needs to be held at least 16 inches away from the face, which is ensured to be less harmful to your eyes. Although you may find it quite difficult to get used to this habit, very soon you will get used to the routine.

Conduct Regular Eye Checkups

It is advisable to get your eyes checked once in a while regardless of whether your eyes feel the pain or not. In this way, even a minor issue as far as your vision is concerned will never go unnoticed and be treated at once. If you are prescribed glasses, make sure you wear them while using your laptop or smart screen.

Best Solution

Do not get addicted to your mobile or your laptop all day long. Be sure to also spend time on activities other than sending messages frequently or browsing the Internet. Make sure you also have some active activities to engage in, which are guaranteed to give your eyes a much needed break while also reducing stress and giving you some exercise.

By following these simple guidelines, you’ll be sure to keep your eyes healthy for years to come.