Nokia the first time have concept Cell Phone likes iPhone

Nokia mobile phones have become the king of the world before the brunt overwhelmed opponents, such as the Apple iPhone. Though true, Nokia already had the concept of mobile phones like the iPhone but they do not immediately realize.

Reported by the Wall Street Journal, Frank Nuovo which was once the head of Nokia’s design present their case. More than 7 years prior to marketing the iPhone or around 2000, the team showed a Nokia phone with a color touch screen and a physical keypad.

The phone is in the demo is working quite well. Even at the end of the 1990s, Nokia is also developing products with wireless tablet computers and touch screen. Similar to the iPad.

“I was hurt when Apple made the same concept. When people say the iPhone is unique, I interrupted,” Nuovo said the quotes from FirstPost, Friday (18/07/2012).

When the iPhone comes the first time, Nokia is actually underestimated. The team tested the iPhone and Nokia is not considered a threat. Because when it’s still 2G connectivity, while Nokia has implemented the iPhone 3G and the body considered vulnerable to damage if dropped.

But the iPhone finally exploded in the market. Some even regretted why Nokia is too late to execute and deliver innovation.

“What is disturbing when I started working with Nokia on the Nokia 2008 is how to spend far more time than the other vendors, only to formulate a strategy,” said Qualcomm Chief Executive Paul Jacobs.

“We demonstrated a new technology that it seems Nokia is a great opportunity. Nokia will spend a lot of time, perhaps six to nine months just to explore that opportunity. And finally, the opportunity was gone just like that,” he added.