NVIDIA Tegra Note Supports GameStream

GameStream presence in mid- October, turned out to bring fresh air to support the performance of the NVIDIA Tegra Note. As well as SHIELD NVIDIA, NVIDIA Tegra Note tablet reportedly will also get support GameStream well.


As an advanced streaming technology developed by NVIDIA in a way combines the high performance of the GeForce GTX GPU with superior Wi-Fi technology, is able to bring GameStream game play super smooth and low latency anywhere.

And even thanks to the new ability called SHIELD Console Mode, allowing portable devices like NVIDIA SHIELD can be used as a gaming and entertainment console in full -screen TVs.

NVIDIA Tegra Note that officially released in September of this past, comes with support for Tegra 4 processor, 1GB RAM and 16GB internal memory .

As for you who want to have a superb gaming experience like NVIDIA SHIELD thing without spending big, the NVIDIA Tegra Note you may be considered as one of the alternatives.