So the officer BlackBerry, Alicia Keys Ready to Make Video Clips with Camera BlackBerry 10

In the BlackBerry launch event on Wednesday (01/30/2013) there are events that draw BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins after delivering his speech. No other, is not he Alicia Keys, one of the pop singer whose reputation is quite shiny in the world. But, Alicia came to the event not to entertain the audience singing. So what?


Yes, the singer of “This Girl is On Fire” is apparently lined up to the BlackBerry executives, namely as Global Creative Director. Not only known as a singer, Alicia apparently also admitted to being a long time BlackBerry user, but then switch to another brand.

“I have a long relationship with BlackBerry. Fact when I shower also brings BlackBerry to connect with friends and listening to music,” he said.

With the BlackBerry 10, Alicia admitted keen to re-use them. He was also deeply impressed by the capabilities of the camera device platform.

After joining BlackBerry, Alicia immediately saddled job to launch the program ‘Keep Moving’ which brings together work and personal life in a single device. He also committed to make the BlackBerry as a more creative and innovative.

“BlackBerry 10 is the super! I will hold athletes, musicians, writers, and filmmakers to realize the project. Yeah, they do require the device to support its activities. Keep moving forward!” he said eagerly.

Not only is Alicia who will be deployed to intensify ‘Keep Moving’, the renowned director Robert Rodriguez and writer Neil Gaiman British also lined BlackBerry to realize the program in their work.

“A lot we can do with a BlackBerry device 10. I wanted to make a video clip with this device,” said Alicia. Well, about as cool as what ya going homemade video clips that?