Is this the Official name BlackBerry 10?

Precisely at the end of January the 30th, RIM will officially launch the newest smartphone BlackBerry 10. Indirectly through JerukNipis news release, the mobile phone lovers have seen this Canadian original way the mobile phone.


According to news reported by n4bb Thursday (20/12/2012), BlackBerry 10 L-series will use the official name of the BlackBerry Z10, which will be available in two colors namely black and white. The most popular color is white, especially now that staying as ‘the new black’.

No lag, exhaled also rumors that BlackBerry will not leave a physical keyboard that has become a stereotype on BlackBerry handsets variant 10. Yes, RIM is rumored to be released with the name BlackBerry X10 (previously called N-Series) and will be released after the version of the touchscreen.