Opera Developing New Ice Mobile Web Browser for iPhone and iPad

Ice mobile web browser for iPhone

If for any reason you’re unsatisfied with the native Safari mobile web browser in your iPhone and will well come any worthy alternative, here’s good news for you. Opera is reported to be brewing a new mobile web browser called Ice as an alternative for its already well known Opera Mini. It isn’t the first time that name surfaced. Last year right before Christmas, the exactly same name of Ice mobile web browser appeared and was boasted to take the advantage of WebKit.

Thanks to our friends at PocketLint, we can get to watch a copy of an insider video. From what we saw, Opera aims to make Ice the simplest mobile web browser with super clean user interface where almost all buttons are absent. Navigating within the app is expected to be entirely controlled using gestures, so you might not be able to locate that too common set of buttons (Back, Forward, and Refresh).

The idea behind the development of Ice is to provide users with a mobile web browser which is fully optimized for touchscreen devices. It is not just taking a desktop browser and “resizing” it so that it can fit the compact profile of mobile devices. Interestingly, the developer doesn’t plan to pull out Opera Mini from the marketplace. According to the team, it’ll act as a bridge before people are ready to switch to a better system.

Probably, the only hurdle that may prevent it from permanently replacing Safari is Apple’s permission. The Cupertino-based giant has been well known for its strict policy dealing with any third party stuff. Unless, the market’s response is extremely great, Ice might never be your default we browser.