Path To Be Officially Coming in BlackBerry Playbook

Path of the popular social network is not currently available for BlackBerry, but there is the possibility of BlackBerry users is able to change it. Because the Path has been providing a landing page that will require the participation of BlackBerry users to send messages to the application is made to their platform. While Path said they wanted to see the application can be used on all platforms, and maybe you too can create BlackBerry applications available faster Path.



If you have registered as users on the Path, you can send messages from this page to let the team know that the path you want them in BlackBerry applications. But with so open SDK application on BlackBerry, according to the path we did not take long to be used in the BlackBerry Platform. If they are too late to prepare this application, probably because the path to the application is ready after launches BlackBerry 10 Handset official.

Previously you could just install the application path, as in the tutorial we ever say a few months ago with OS 2.0 installed first Playbook. Well, if you want an official in the Playbook Path, do not forget you can also recommend a path to the BlackBerry Playbook with several stages.