The Pilot Airbus Aircraft Will Fly Via iPad Like Play Angry Birds

Yesterday, Airbus as a company engaged in the field of aviation to introduce Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) calculating performance apps for the pilot on the iPad. This application is one application of FlySmart with Airbus series that will serve as a counter-performance aircraft like the process of manual check-up of the aircraft used to do the pilot before the flight begins.

This application will be available in the AppStore in the near future. Innovation has become an alternative to the airlines; especially the EFB system may facilitate the pilot to read the instrument during the flight. With the iPad in the cockpit, pilots are expected to fly a plane as easily as they play Angry Birds during flight.

“By combining our EFB content with the most versatile digital devices in the mobile world, airline pilots will be able to optimize aircraft performance in the palm of their hands, while the airline can obtain cost savings, weight, and time,” said Didier Lux Airbus.

EFB iPad this app will be the standard for Airbus pilot from now on. Even the iPad will be included in the pilot training at Airbus. So the pilot did not get bored when the long flight, main course iPad.