Pilot Airlines American Airlines to Use iPad as a Tool in Cockpit Aircraft Flight Manual

Using iPad on a plane can be done since a few months ago. Now, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recently approved the use of the iPad in the cockpit plane. And Americarn Airlines airline also plans to replace them with a reference manual flight iPad.


With the replacement of paper flight manuals with the iPad will provide cost efficiencies by the airline. Quoted from Cnet, the use of the iPad will save the fund $ 1.2 million USD. Furthermore, in terms of the burden of the aircraft, the use of the iPad will also be lighter by 35 pounds or about 17 kg compared to the old manual flight.

Vice President of American Airlines, Captain John Hale said they were very pleased with the use of the iPad in the cockpit that is approved by the FAA. “With the approval of the FAA, we are able to utilize the iPad to increase the profits of Electronic Flight Bag our program, including improving pilot work environment, reduce dependence on paper products and improve aircraft fuel efficiency,” he explained.

In addition, they also said that there is the possibility that they would use Android tablet. Surely they could have done it if the FAA has approved the use of Android tablet or Windows tablets in the cockpit area of ​​the plane.