Using Platform Blackberry 10 QNX Newest

Blackberry 10 launch event yesterday, will also mark a major transition that brought Blackberry platform. That way, the platform is being used now will be replaced with the output platform QNX Neutrino Real Time Operating System (RTOS).


QNX is a company that is also called QNX Software Systems. As with microkernel-based OS, QNX is based on the idea of ​​running most of the OS in the form of a number of small tasks, known as servers.

This is different from conventional Monolithic Kernel, where the operating system is a very large program consisting of a number of ‘parts’ with special abilities. In the case of QNX, the use of a microkernel allows users to disable this functionality without having to change the OS itself, but only the server is unable to walk.

As reported by Crackberry, the replacement of the current platform with the QNX OS is a second replacement be done RIM since 2001. In that year, RIM launched the first BlackBerry with a model that can be used to accept phone, the Blackberry 5810 that the system uses Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME). To capitalize the operating system, it makes the Blackberry has not been able to compete with the more popular competitors at that time.

Until the entry of Mike Lazaridis, the CEO of RIM with a brilliant idea to bring the Blackberry OS which proved capable of carrying Blackberry tasted success as the best smartphone in the world in the 2000s. “Oh we’ll never rewrite the OS. It would be too risky.” Says Mike time.

But since April 2010, Mike had the idea to replace the Blackberry OS to QNX which at that time was used as the output of the system in a luxury car Audi, Porsche, and Jaguar. So, are you ready to have the Blackberry 10?