Play 100 Games Nintendo Classic on iPhone Without Jailbreak!

The world of technology is very rapid progress, still trying to remember a few decades ago we still play the game on a Nintendo-style graphics levels. Now the game with decent graphics level is present on your smartphone. To play a game like that on the iPhone requires an emulator. But now it does not matter anymore, because you can play more than 100 games NES and Game Boy games on the Safari browser.

Well, this time if you want nostalgia with the old games such as Bomberman, Donkey Kong, Pokemon, Super Mario and of course you can go to a website called iGCB. There are so many classic games game there, of course, can add excitement when gathering with friends. The game can be played not only on iPhone but also can be played on other iOS devices, unfortunately those games can not be for at Download. Let’s nostalgia with the old game!