Portable Charger Able to Charge Up to 10 iPhone

Well, what if you have multiple devices that can not share the same charger cable? It is usually your home or office littered with different kinds of charger will make the room look cluttered. If it happens to you, you should get acquainted with the POP aka Portable Power.

POP is a portable rechargeable battery with retractable cord reels for use recharges several devices at once. In addition to charge many devices at the same time, POP has a portable design, which means you can carry it easily wherever you go. Whether it’s around the house or in the park, you are no longer tormented to find a seat next to the outlet just to wait for the phone / tablet you charge.

POP has a power of 25 000 mAh battery is touted to fill up 10 iPhone. POP is also equipped with an adapter 100/240 V AC that you can use to keep the POP remains fully charged. POP itself has quite an elegant design, shaped like a pumpkin (which is used to store water). LED lights will tell you how much power is being used, and all the charging cables can be neatly stored in the charger itself.

Unfortunately, POP is still a dream project Kickstarter and narrowly missed the 50% test of the target destination. However, he has 43 days left to officially release to the market and at least 81 supporters who have made pre-order the normal price ($ 149). If you are interested, be sure to get to the POP Kickstarter to make a preorder.