Pre-order iPhone 5 in China

Apple is still just shut up about the presence of a new generation iPhone. But in fact, already there are those who open pre-orders for the device that is touted as the iPhone 5. Interested in ordering?

iPhone 5 services early booking is of course not the initiative from Apple. But there is a popular e-commerce China, Taobao. The site is still part of the Alibaba Group; there are a number of sellers from China, which opened pre-order iPhone 5.

Reported by Reuters and quoted on Friday (7/12/2012), the vendors try to convince prospective buyers to show a mock-up image new generation iPhone that Apple has around on the internet and its specifications.

If interested, prospective buyers are required to pay cash down payment (DP) as a sign so that the amount of about USD 160. But there is also requesting full payment at the beginning of 6999 yuan or U.S. $ 1100 (approximately USD 10.5 million).

“The demand is so high. Yesterday, some even up to order two units. Total, we received orders to two dozen,” said a salesman with a nickname Xiaoyu.

The question that then arises is, how do they know the price of the iPhone 5 and where they will get the handset?

For the price, of course it was nothing more than estimates. They were confident if the iPhone 5 – or whatever his name later – will be released in October 2012. So they are desperate to open a pre-order from now.

While I get it, the seller is also not going to wait until Apple officially enters the iPhone 5 to the Bamboo Curtain country. They plan to sign him from the United States or Hong Kong.

“It’s not easy to carry mobile phones from overseas. There are limits to the quantity when you want to take it. It would be very nice if you could take up to several thousand units,” said Xiaoyu.

The seller is promises. They certainly can not be sure when a new gadget that can get into the hands of consumers. Because the Apple iPhone  5 is still not open the curtain a bit to the public.