Is this Rear the iPhone 5S?

Sightings and speculation about the iPhone 5 does not seem able to stop. As such devices become the most anticipated this year. And, we admit it: yes!


Nevertheless, the appearance of the body behind the iPhone 5S contained in pages GSM Arena, Thursday (04/04/2013), can not simply acknowledge the truth. Hence, we can only ask, “Are you happy if iPhone 5S will look like this?”, Without being able to claim certainty.

Shown in a black bandage, the device is claimed to be the iPhone 5S has indentation curves as well as the Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC One. Of course this made ​​the difference curve of the design of the iPhone 5 that has been release. If true indentation is presented on the iPhone 5S, of course, it is interpreted as an act of Apple in breaking tradition, where previously the iPhone 4 and 4S have absolutely no difference in the design.

As a trademark of Apple, the design of smartphone Apple logo is seen in the middle, which contrasts with the color black that wrapped around the body behind. Once behind, the smartphone seems to have frameless display and none of the physical buttons on it.

Display edge to edge design of the phone is certainly a first for Apple is more like the rounded edge design with a flat form factor. A fresh design that is certainly expected to be a complement to the freshness of the iOS operating system is reportedly being worked to strengthen the impression of more sophisticated iPhone 5S.