This is Reasons Alicia Keys Back Using BlackBerry

In the BlackBerry 10 launch event in New York, U.S., on Wednesday (01/30/2013), Thorsten Heins chose Alicia Keys as Global Creative Director BlackBerry (formerly known as Research in Motion / RIM-Red). But two days before the launch, the singer of “This Girl is On Fire” is still wet caught using an iPhone.


To Heins, Alicia admitted it had left BlackBerry for being attracted to the iPhone he considered more sexy and cool. No wonder Twitter account @ AliciaKeys published ngetweet with the iPhone. Even he himself has Instagram account, which incidentally does not exist on the BlackBerry service.

As the official BlackBerry, of course Alicia exclusively to use these devices. Decision to hold back the BlackBerry, because the BlackBerry platform 10 which had been tried very impressive, especially in the camera

“The camera is very good catch. Smartphone’s really super!” he said, calling the BlackBerry allows users to integrate personal and work life in one device.

But does Alicia really left an iPhone? According, Rhett Usry, who became his spokesman, Alicia is currently in the transition phase before actually using the BlackBerry in total and exclusive.

“Internet widely speculated about the right time for Alicia to ‘break up’ with a smartphone before. Following the transition period, she officially became an exclusive user BlackBerry 10,” he said as reported by the New York Times.