Red BlackBerry Z10 Limited Edition, the Specials Powered Devices for the Developer

As a token of appreciation for all the dedication and loyalty of BlackBerry application developers, BlackBerry is rumored to have just been offered a line of special tools for developers who are more familiar with Red BlackBerry Z10 Limited Edition.


For today only, the BlackBerry App World has over 10,000 apps BlackBerry 10. Applications are available in the BlackBerry App World is believed to be much less than the Apple App Store and Android Market. Meanwhile, when compared with Windows Store, an application provided by BlackBerry App World instead it is much more.

Growth calculated BlackBerry 10 is pretty impressive so far. BlackBerry itself is reportedly the new Z10 will arrive in the United States around the middle of March 2013. And that’s when the operators need more time to test the device.

Red BlackBerry Z10’s Limited Edition plan would soon get into the hands of developers after six to eight weeks, while the application of the developer must be submitted before January 28, 2013 and approved by BlackBerry. Congratulations!