This reliability iOS 5

IOS 5 is expected to be something cool for the users of iPhone and iPad from Apple. This development was to produce something innovative and easy way to view and organize notifications in one place. Later those users who have updated to iOS 5 can see text messages, missed calls, alerts directly. Besides what is the long-awaited presence of  iOS 5 is the presence of several new features.



iMessage. iMessage staying digadang going to be a tough rival fuel as this is a chat application for users of Apple products. With the presence of iMessage can allow users to send each other text messages, photos, videos and contact information. But this can be passed with a Wi-Fi or 3G stable and strong of course.

Twitter. The high popularity of Twitter makes Apple has also made direct integration for those already using iOS 5. With one log-in, users of the iPhone or iPod Touch can directly perform activities of Twitter with ease through Safari, even Youtube.

Notification Centre. The lack of features Notification Center can bring up to date the latest of the applications that we use to use. For example, when playing Twitter, we use reply from a friend, it will display a notification about it.

PC Free. The presence of these features can be set already supported iOS devices are “out of the box” means without using a PC we can get software updates over the air (OTA) without connecting to a computer.

Newsstand. A Newsstand is a bookshelf feature that provides a new way to purchase and organize your newspaper and magazine subscription digital.

Camera and photo applications. If previously we had to shift the Lock Screen when shooting is now in the presence of iOS 5 delivers new capabilities that users can take pictures using the volume-up button. In addition to the ones already supported the application operating system iOS 5, we can tamper with the picture because of the availability remove red-eye, crop, rotate and various other photo application features.

Meanwhile, when we tried it on the iPad, there are several new features such as

new multi touch gestures. By way of swiping our fingers in the direction of the screen later on we will be faced with multitasking bar. Swipe to the left and right while in the application will provide functionality flip between apps without multitasking bar.

Split keyboard. Press and hold the icon ‘hide keyboard’ and dragging it up, we can split the keyboard into two parts. With divided into two then typing would be a lot easier, especially if we are accustomed to using the thumb and holding the iPad with two hands.

Synched notifications. iOS 5 is designed with the existing notification system on iDevices. Referred to as the Notification Center, it also provides a new model in the notification settings in the iPad. Unique function shown by the ability to pop-up on the lock-screen iPad.