Restarting BlackBerry Hub Just by Using Touch

BlackBerry 10 is a feature-rich smartphone. If you already have a smartphone and have studied a variety of features available, you will enjoy the ease of use of BlackBerry 10.

Restart the BlackBerry

One of the flagship features of BlackBerry 10 is the ‘hub’ that can facilitate you in managing and using communication facilities, ranging from the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), telephone, SMS, and some social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Having one place to be able to control your communication with other people is enough to make your work effective. But for several reasons, either because of overload or too many social media accounts that affect the performance of your phone, you need to restart the ‘Hub’.

Then how to restart the ‘Hub’ in the BlackBerry 10? It’s easy. When you are on the screen BlackBerry Hub, make sliding movement on the screen from the upper right corner toward the center of the screen five times in a row. In the fifth movement, the ‘Hub’ will restart automatically.

Until now, I have found no complaints about the BlackBerry Hub. But if you suddenly run into a problem like “glitch” or something else, so now you have to understand how to restart the ‘Hub’ with ease.

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