Review: Movavi Screen Capture

bbiphonesAs you may know, screen capture is essentially a type of video recording – only instead of using a camera, you will essentially be grabbing video footage directly off your screen. Because of that it is extremely useful and if you want you could conceivably start to save some of your Skype calls, grab online video streams from websites, or even create your very own tutorials to share with others.


Of course before you can do any of that you’ll need the software that makes it all possible and to get off to a good start you should definitely look at Movavi Screen Capture. Because it is designed to utilize an intuitive and user-friendly approach, it will let you start recording your screen almost immediately even if you have no prior experience or technical know-how.


In fact to be entirely honest Movavi Screen Capture has practically no learning curve to speak of. All you need to do is launch the software and you’ll be able to set the capture frame and click the big ‘REC’ button to start recording. By making it that straightforward, the software makes certain that it is extremely accessible.


At the same time at some point or other you may feel that you want more control over the recording parameters – and Movavi Screen Capture caters to that as well. With just a few clicks you will be able to pull up all the options you require and set the audio source, frame rate, and other parameters so that your video is precisely the way that you want it to be.


One of the most useful features in Movavi Screen Capture would have to be its ability to record keyboard and mouse actions. It can essentially be set to display keys that are pressed on screen so that they can be seen, while also highlighting the mouse cursor and making use of a custom ‘click’ sound so that it is more noticeable as well.


All in all the depth of Movavi Screen Capture’s features coupled with its user-friendly nature are what makes it stand out. By opting to use it as your screen recording software, you’ll be able to quickly start recording the videos that you need – while at the same time also ensuring that if you want to tweak any of the recording parameters you have the ability to do so as well.