RIM Almost Allow Android Use Network BlackBerry

Toronto, Canada – Former co CEO of Research in Motion (RIM) which has now stepped down, Jim Balsillie, ever had a radical plan. He was about to allow non BlackBerry handsets such as Android and iPhone used to the RIM network.

Jim Balsillie (reuters)

Reuters quoted the source, Sunday (15/04/2012) says Balsillie intended to allow the service provider in North America and Europe to provide services to non BlackBerry handsets via a network RIM. Referred to as a radical strategy for long ago, the network is only used by the RIM BlackBerry.

But the idea of ​​Balsillie has caused heated debate among high officials RIM. Until he finally withdrew, the plan failed to materialize. RIM CEO of now, Thorsten Heins did not seem to realize the idea of ​​Balsillie’s interest.

BlackBerry handsets are running on the RIM network in addition to the network operator. Data is compressed and encrypted BlackBerry RIM over the network. The idea of ​​Balsillie, RIM’s network operator can use another handset for use in the conduct of social networking and messaging activities.

RIM’s own particular charge against carriers that use its network. They have a high income from this scheme, approximately $ 1 billion in the last quarter alone.

Balsillie seems to want to make plans to keep on top of RIM remain profitable, because the BlackBerry increasingly losing market share. Now, the new CEO Thorsten Heins chose to focus on developing a BlackBerry handset 10 in an effort to increase the popularity of the BlackBerry.