RIM cancel Blackberry Colt and Milan, only one BlackBerry 10 on Working

Amid speculation about the future of Research In Motion (RIM), news emerged that does not reassure. The BlackBerry was reportedly not be making new mobile phone-based BlackBerry 10.

“RIM void created two newest BlackBerry, BlackBerry Colt and Blackberry Milan. Colt is a smartphone that uses the RIM BlackBerry OS 10, while Milan wearing BlackBerry 7,” the draft said.

London Blackberry

The information was first reported this Boy Genius Report directly buzzing on blogs and other tech sites. If reports are true, it means only one phone BlackBerry 10 are currently being developed by RIM, the BlackBerry London.

This phone is true RIM prepared to compete with the dominance of the iPhone and Android are increasingly rampant. As is known, both the iPhone and Android phones are used increasingly popular among businesses that became the main market BlackBerry.

Hearing these reports, RIM spokesman immediately responded. “RIM will not comment on rumors or speculation about the project or specific products. What is clear, we continue to develop BlackBerry BlackBerry platform 7 and 10,” he said as reported by Mashable, Friday (01/06/2012).

Previously, RIM also announced that the new smartphones that use the BlackBerry OS 10 will not be present until mid-2012. Selection of dual-core processor and dual mode LTE RIM reason for the delay.