RIM Delete Game Angry Birds Space from BlackBerry App World for the BlackBerry PlayBook

I wonder what happened to RIM, after a number of slanted news that talked about this Canadian company, is now rumored that RIM has pulled back a phenomenal game Angry Birds from BlackBerry App World for the PlayBook.


Previously, the game belongs to Rovio has been available in the BlackBerry App World for the PlayBook and can be purchased for around 5USD. Angry Birds is drawn is the latest version of Angry Birds, Angry Birds Space.

Angry Birds Space Version PlayBook itself actually provides 60 levels, free updates, new birds, new power, Zero-gravity adventure, shooting tricks using planetary gravity, the hidden bonus levels and beautiful game backgroud background and detail.

RIM itself has not been a clear statement on the withdrawal of the game Angry Birds is the BlackBerry App World.