RIM Flirting with the Teaser Image Display Blackberry 10 on Website Blackberry

RIM has been informed in advance that they will launch a Blackberry 10 officially on January 30, 2013. But RIM continues to bring the latest information about products so that potential buyers still waiting for their products. This time they show teaser or a teaser image of the new  BB 10 blackberry precisely their website at URL: http://global.blackberry.com/blackberry-10.html.


Display shows the texture images from their phones behind the black is probably a touch screen phone that has been leaked previously, with the camera unit in the top left, with the Blackberry logo in the middle. Indeed, the impression left is quite visible in this teaser and hopefully that’s the fact that we’ll get with the new BB 10.

They also display the text re-designed, re-engineered, and re-invented the BlackBerry experience and form if you want to get the latest updates about the BB 10 is.