RIM Offered Use Windows Phone on BlackBerry

Research In Motion (RIM) was constantly exposed to the issue relating to the condition of the company. Following news of layoffs and profits continue to slide, the latest information circulating, RIM offered to bury Microsoft operating system (OS) Windows Phone on BlackBerry.

Citing three sources of information are well aware of this, Reuters, Monday (07/02/2012) launch the report mentions the possibility of leaving the RIM BlackBerry OS 10 and switch to Windows Phone 8.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer reportedly is eager to approach the Canadian company. If true, Microsoft apparently hopes to forge a partnership that just as it did with Nokia.

Reuters also reported that RIM is considering selling its network to private equity firms or technology companies. Thus, it will make its operational focus on running a business smartphone and provider of telecommunications providers more successful.

Both RIM and Microsoft are willing to provide comments related to the report. But last Thursday, the CEO Thorsten Heins still show optimism about the future of BlackBerry 10.

“I firmly believe, the first smartphone to use the Blackberry 10 will provide a breakthrough in smartphone experience,” he said.

“Our carrier partners reaction to the Blackberry platform 10 is very positive and they are not looking forward to the smartphone Blackberry 10 in the first quarter of 2013,” he added.

RIM to offer to switch to another OS has also been implied from the Google design division boss statement Matias Duarte. He mentioned, if there is a chance he will be very pleased to collaborate RIM makes qwerty smartphone based on Android.