RIM officials will Reveal Six Types There BlackBerry 10 Mobile for all circles in the Year 2013

For those of you who are interested and want to use the BlackBerry 10 phones from Research in Motion (RIM) but has a thin bag, do not seem to be too concerned. In a new statement, RIM CMO, Frank Boulben said that BlackBerry 10 will be available for everyone, from the bottom, middle to upper class.

blackberry-z10 .

However, the provision of tools for various groups of course takes time. For starters, RIM announced it will introduce to the public his mobile BB 10 on Jan. 30. In the event, a company based in Canada will bring two types of mobile BB 10.

Both types are also 10 mobile BB has a different design. The phone will come with a full touchscreen design. While other phones will have a QWERTY keyboard design as a trademark BlackBerry. The second possibility is a mobile phone and a BlackBerry Z10 BlackBerry X10.

Furthermore, Boulben said that RIM will spawn six models of BlackBerry 10 this year. In addition, he also explained that his company will have an exclusive partnership with one particular provider in all countries.