RIM Promise Blackberry 10 Will Be the Best Blackberry All Time

RIM today has done something amazing. This time they tried to confirm the reason for their delay in releasing the BlackBerry 10 which has been much awaited everyone in the world. RIM CEO and President Thorsten Heins even found time to write your own editorial on the current status of the company.

As you saw earlier, the launch of the BlackBerry London and Nevada has been delayed until the fourth quarter of 2012. And when asked about the launch date Blackberry 10 is delayed, Executive VP of Global Sales and Regional Marketing a new, Rick Costanzo said that they only have one chance to do this correctly and Blackberry 10 is greater than a mobile OS: even there are car components.

He ended his statement said “We will come out next year with a very strong through the product which has been prepared very well,” as we quote from CrackBerry. Obviously we are quite happy to hear that they took the time to do things right and not rush out a product that has not been prepared as was the case with the Playbook.