RIM wills Provide Revenue Assurance 10 Thousand USD BlackBerry 10 Application Developer

Along with the time approaching the launch of BlackBerry 10 phones, Research in Motion (RIM) also perform a variety of ways to attract customers. One of them is a boost for more incentive developers create BlackBerry applications. For that, they also introduced a new program called Commitment Developer 10k.


In the program, RIM will provide assurance that the developer will earn a minimum of 10 thousand USD for applications in the BlackBerry App World. There are several requirements that must be met for developers who want to join the program.

Under the program, developers must earn a minimum of 1000 USD and should not be more than 10 thousand USD. So, if the developer just earned revenues of 1000 USD, then RIM will give 9 thousand USD as part of this program.