RIM’s BlackBerry 10 Tablet Will Launch

Various rumors about the launch of Blackberry 10 by Research in Motion (RIM) on January 30’ll decorate a headline and filling various media articles. It seems people were carried to the development of the latest OS released by RIM via the Blackberry Z10 and X10 are often mentioned as the physical form of the Blackberry 10, so plan Blackberry tablet presence missed just 10 though. What? Tablet?

BlackBerry 10 tablet_0

Yes, the Blackberry tablet 10 is itself a project RIM to compete in the tablet market after their previous product, the PlayBook tablet to compete with Android and Apple’s iPad. Defeat is considered RIM lacking the momentum because often delay the release of the tablet.

As reported by Ubergizmo, Friday (25/01/2013), RIM announced Blackberry promotion will run during Super Bowl 10. Keep in mind, the Super Bowl is the final match of the typical American football / Rugby, held at the end of the NFL season in the United States.

On February 3, 2013, RIM will announce their BlackBerry 10 devices during an event in New York, after the release of BlackBerry 10. But in a press release, RIM uses certain words that affirm is planning BlackBerry Tablet 10, as follows:

“RIM confirms that BlackBerry 10, its new mobile computing platform that will power the next generation of smartphones and tablets, will be featured in a commercial during Super Bowl xlvii.”

With the back to try their luck in the tablet market with a new OS, maybe RIM will success never gotten along Playbook which failed in the market? At least, the ‘war’ in the line of cross-platform gadgets has more fun this year.