Rockmelt Brings the Best of the Web to Your iPhone and iPad


If you happen to look for a new browser in addition to the stock one, you might want to look at Rockmelt. Originally developed as a news aggregator, Rockmelt has everything it needs to be your favorite browser. In fact, with the resent update, the app has not only evolved to a universal app but also offers a lot of extras and integrations with the most popular social platforms.

Tapping on the app you’ll be taken in a clean interface presenting a number of the most trending news. Every news item is displayed with large thumbnail and bit title atop. In order to read the whole story, simply tap on the thumbnail. As you scroll down you will ultimately see a list of other popular stories as well as those Rockmelt thinks is related to the one you’ve just read. By the way, if you’ve upgraded to iPhone 5, the interface might appear a little different as the developer mentions something about a sidebar specifically optimized for iPhone 5.

Unlike other free apps, Rockmellt isn’t populated with annoying ads. All you see within the app interface is just news content. Moreover, there is this handy notification which alerts you as soon as a new story related to your preference is published. Built-in categorization should help you find an interesting content from the news galore. One you’re done reading, the Rockmelt provides a quick shortcut to Facebook and Twitter, enabling you to share the news with your relatives in a snap. All in all, it’s a fine app and you’ve got nothing to lose since it’s available for download for free.