Russia Annihilate Hundreds Fake iPhone 4 Units

With the sophistication and design cool, who does not want to have the IPhone? Strong desire of the gadget-freak to have a smartphone to make the criminals apparently inspired. Yes, the iPhone 4 fake rampant, at least once a happened in Russia.

Fortunately the action is successful forgery of the local police dismantled a merchant of Chinese origin who claimed that the phones they sell is the original iPhone 4. Unfortunately, the merchant can not prove the validity of the fake device. Finally, as many as 125 units of fake iPhone 4 obtained from the direct perpetrators destroyed.


Overall price Phone 4 fake sold at price range of U.S. $ 65. The price is relatively cheap, of course, can ruin the Apple mobile market in Russia. Not to mention the harmful effects of counterfeiting good name Apple is also detrimental to consumers.

As a result of these actions, the offender subject to a fine of U.S. $ 36 thousand. But the penalty is relatively low compared to the effects that occur, ranging from customers copyright and counterfeiting.

To be sure, once again be careful when you want to buy a cheap iPhone. Because Apple has its own strategy to determine the price of the product price maintenance strategy, so there may be cheaper than the price set by Apple.