San Francisco residents are encouraged not Buy Apple Gadgets

In order to bring environmentally friendly electronic devices, a resident of San Francisco has a special standard of the product worth buying. Unfortunately, Apple is a popular product is not even included in it.

San Francisco is a major city near the Apple headquarters in Cupertino, United States. Ironically, residents in these areas are encouraged to no longer buy Apple products.

One reason is because Apple does not want to follow the Electronics Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT). This is one of the standard in San Francisco, which refers to products that are environmentally friendly.

Within these rules there are also several requirements, one of the marketed product must be dismantled by the owner, especially a lot of batteries containing hazardous substances to the environment.

This rule applies to desktop computers, laptops and monitors. As we know, Apple’s ‘lock’ so that all devices are not easily dismantled. Plus, Apple is also throwing certification ‘green’ from its product range.

“We are disappointed that Apple did not want to follow EPEAT, and we hope the citizens of San Francisco no longer buy Apple products. Hopefully this will be a consideration they (Apple) to participate,” said Melanie Nutter, Director of the San Francisco Department of Environmental, quoted from the Wall Street Journal, Wednesday (11/07/2012).

Apple computers are not very well in San Francisco, there are only about 2% are using a Mac in the city. As an illustration, in the year 2010 and the citizens of San Francisco to spend USD 45 579 to buy Apple products, further than buying a computer a peak of $ 3.8 million in the same year.