Satellite Radio Company Service

satellite-radioSiriusXM recently announced that Nissan will begin offering telematics service through the satellite radio company. The service will provide emergency accident support, 24 hours a day, seven days per week, stolen vehicle tracking and roadside assistance. The company also announced a consolidated bill and central site to manage subscriptions.

First to Offer

Nissan will be the first car maker to offer telematics services through SiriusXM, even though the features have been available through other companies for years. Because SIriusXM is satellite based, it will ofer better coverage than traditional cellular based services. Currently, SiriusXM Traffic and Weather are available on Hyundai and Lexus vehicles through a cellular-connected system.

Personalized Service

The satellite-cellular blend will allow SiriusXM to create more personalized services than that available with strict cellular-connected telematics. It would also eliminate instances of stranded motorists when there is limited or no cellular service. Currently, satellite systems only beam one way, so the technology eliminating cellular connections is still in the planning stages, but insiders say it will be available soon.

Already Available

Because SiriusXM is already installed in many vehicles, adding telematics systems through their service is much easier than purchasing from another company. There would be no installation charges and equipment that already exists in the vehicle would provide the service, making it easier on the consumer.

As more vehicle owners switch from satellite radios to IP-based services, such as Pandora, this will allow companies like SiriusXM to remain relevant in a world that is increasing the need for advanced technology.