Save The Endangered Sea Creatures with EnviroPop!

There is no question on how far off from being “healthy” our natural waters are. From the destruction of coral reefs to the decreasing number of marine creatures thriving under, humans are slowly creating the avenue for the colorful underwater world to say goodbye. Necessity might be one of the factors why we keep on bombarding the sea but control should be prevalent instead of greed.

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Good thing the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is there to exert the much-needed effort on fighting off the man-made threats that’s keeping our waters toxic. And in line with their environmental advocacy comes their newest campaign in the form of a mobile appliation called EnviroPop!

Made through the collaboration of WWF-Philippines and AppLabs Digital Studios Inc., EnviroPop is a tap-and-swipe time pressured game which aims to educate people and give them an avenue to help in one of their global cause with a pleasing game play to boot! It stars six endangered species found in the Philippine seas plus the special participation of Chi Chi the Panda, WWF’s renowned mascot.

So, are you ready to get to know more about EnviroPop?

How To Play

Basically, a player will be presented with a grid filled with sea creatures that are surrounded by harmful objects such as trawl nets, PETA bottles, cyanide, dynamite, and oil drums. The goal here is to tap the threats of the same kind—not minding how far apart they are—and then swipe wherever on the screen to make them disappear. Zapping the nasty hazardous materials will get our friendly sea-dwellers out of harm’s way and you only have under a minute to help them!

EnviroPop Achievements Page

EnviroPop Game Play

In order to gather as much score as you can get, be sure to tap and swipe quickly! Oh, a hint: If you take out a row of killer objects that’s surrounding Chi Chi the Panda’s icon, you’ll get five times the normal score!

With each game, you’ll get a list of achievements which you can proudly share on your Facebook and Twitter accounts! You can even challenge your friends on who can get the highest score with EnviroPop!

The Enviropedia

Of course, the app won’t be complete without the educational part called the Enviropedia. It holds all the important information about the seven characters of the app and it also includes a little bit of information about the dangers being presented by the topmost malicious ways of fishing.

Through this feature, you’ll be acquainted with Bobby the Butanding (whale shark), Gary the Grouper, Pattie the Pawikan (sea turtle), Clara the Clownfish, Doogie the Dugong, Dolly the Dolphin, and of course, Chi Chi the Panda! They are the chosen species of WWF-Philippines because they are the gentle creatures in dire need of protection.

Literally Save Them with EnviroPop!

Yes, with the app, you can really do save thousands of marine life! The proceeds coming from the paid downloads will go straight to WWF’s marine conservation fund which does not only focus on Philippine waters. Your $0.99 will undoubtedly go a long way if you download EnviroPop now and you can proudly say that you have taken part in a global cause to save underwater creatures!

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What are you waiting for? Get those smartphones out and download EnviroPop!


Author Bio:

Anna Rosabel Santiago is a writer for AppLabs Digital Studios Inc. who’s starting to see our Earth’s beauty. Join her on her newest quest by checking out her latest addiction which is EnviroPop!