Screen Comparison Retina Display iPad to Kindle Fire HD

Amazon recently launched a new ad for the Kindle Fire tablet HD. In the ad, Amazon compares them with the iPad tablet screen Retina Display.


With video comparison, we can see the difference in their definitiion high screen. As we know, the iPad Retina Display is more expensive than the Kindle Fire HD. With a price of U.S. $ 299 we’ve been able to get a tablet from Amazon, while to get the tablet from Apple we have to prepare their money doubled.

In the video, which lasts 30 seconds, and Kindle Fire HD displays deeper color than the more expensive iPad. It can be concluded, quite successful Amazon indicates that the device is better than Apple’s, without the need to spend too deep.

[video_skin style=”1″ title=”Watch this video…” tag=”h2″ player=”youtube” video_id=”XtJBQHLdcM4″ controls=”yes” width=”470″ height=”295″]