Setting the optimum volume limit on iPod

The 1.1.1 software package replace for iPod nano and Fifth Technology iPod delivers an easy way available for you to collection a maximum quantity reduce to stop the quantity from exceeding a specific degree. This element operates with any headphones connected to your headphone jack and aided by the iPod Radio Remote; other Apple and 3rd-occasion accessories are usually not supported with this characteristic. It is possible to also assign a mix to avoid the setting from staying altered which can be ideally suited for parental manage.

With iTunes 6.0.5 or after and iPod shuffle Application 1.1.4 or after, you’ll be able to now arranged a maximum quantity limit for the iPod shuffle.

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See “Updating iPod application” to obtain the newest version of the iPod Computer software and understand tips on how to replace your iPod.

Note: Disconnect any accessories from iPod (except headphones) just before setting the volume restrict.

  • How you can fixed optimum volume restrict for iPod
  • How to collection optimum volume limit for iPod shuffle

To collection the maximum quantity reduce to your iPod:

1.Decide On Settings > Volume Limit.
The quantity manage shows the present quantity.

2.Use the Click on Wheel to select the maximum volume.
You may press Participate in to hear the at this time selected song enjoy though you pick out the maximum quantity reduce.

3.Press the Center button to set the maximum quantity reduce.
A triangle to the volume bar indicates the optimum volume reduce.

4.Around the Volume Limit display screen, simply click Fixed Mixture to require a blend to become entered to vary the optimum quantity. Simply click Completed to just accept the optimum volume with out requiring a password to change it.


5. In case you decide on Set Combination, enter a Combination:

  • Use the Mouse click Wheel to decide on a quantity towards the very first place.
  • Press the Center button to confirm your alternative and transfer towards the subsequent situation.
  • Use the same strategy to arranged the remaining figures from the mix. You’ll be able to use The following/Fast-forward button to maneuver on the following position and also the Earlier/Rewind button to move on the preceding posture.
  • Press the Center button inside last posture to confirm the entire combo and return to your earlier filter.

Should you flip the quantity the many way up right after you arranged a limit, you see a lock icon for the right conclude in the volume bar within the Now Actively playing screen that indicates a optimum volume limit continues to be fixed.

Now Playing
Note: The quantity of songs as well as other audio may vary depending on how the audio was recorded or encoded. Quantity amount may well also range if you use distinct earbuds or headphones. With the exception from the iPod Car radio Remote, accessories that connect as a result of the iPod dock connector will not help volume limits.

Should you established a mix, you will need to enter it before you are able to modify or remove the optimum quantity restrict.

To vary the optimum Volume limit for iPod:

1.Decide On Settings > Volume Limit.

2.Should you established a combo, enter it by working with the Mouse click Wheel to decide on the numbers and pressing the Middle button to confirm them.

3.Use the Click Wheel to alter the maximum quantity restrict.

4.Press the Middle button to accept the adjust.

To remove the maximum Volume limit:

1.If that you are currently listening to your iPod, press Pause.

2.Decide On Settings > Volume Limit.

3.In the event you arranged a combination, enter it by utilizing the Just click Wheel to decide on the phone numbers and pressing the Center button to confirm them.

4.Use the Click on Wheel to maneuver to the optimum degree on the volume bar to remove any restriction on volume.

5.Press the Middle button to simply accept the change.

Observe: In case you forget the mixture, you are able to restore iPod.

To set the optimum quantity restrict on your iPod shuffle:

1.(Optional) Collection your iPod shuffle to your desired optimum volume.

2.Join the iPod shuffle to your laptop.

3.Pick out the iPod inside the Supply pane.

4.Choose the Settings tab inside the most important window.

5.Less than the options section, pick out “Limit maximum volume“. Observe: If you do not see this possibility, your iPod shuffle won’t have the necessary software program. It is possible to obtain the latest iPod Updater without cost with the iPod internet site.

6.Drag the slider to your desired maximum quantity. The initial slider setting corresponds to the volume the iPod shuffle was collection to once you selected the “Limit maximum volume” checkbox.

7.To involve a password to alter this setting, click on the lock and enter a password.

8.Click Apply to save the adjustments.

After the reduce is established on your iPod shuffle, the status gentle will flash orange swiftly 3 moments to point out you’ve reached the set maximum quantity reduce.