Sharp Almost Stop Production 9.7 Inch iPad Screen Panel

The presence of new devices sometimes sacrifices older devices that existed earlier. And it reportedly nearly suffered by one of the Apple iPad recently. The reason is related to the presence of the latest iPad Mini, allegedly made ​​nearly halted production Sharp 9.7 inch display panel that originally was designed for the iPad.


And even one of Sharp spokeswoman Miyuki Nakayama named was reportedly also seemed reluctant to comment on the reasons related issues concerning the production of the iPad screen. However, many people would have guessed that it was probably because there are fears of the Sharp will decrease the demand for the iPad which impact on declining demand for the display panel iPad since Apple introduced the latest generation of the iPad, known as iPad Mini some time ago.

So far, the trend of Apple products remains essentially the same. Once the new products released to the market, customers will tend to pursue the new and the old left. The same can also be said to apply to the iPad Mini is more popular than other iPad devices.