Siri iPhone 4S sued in China

In China, for the affairs of lawsuit, Apple pretty much stagnant. As the saying goes, one step forward then two steps back. Lawsuits increased again to the iPhone.

This week, Apple sued again. Demands coming from the company’s Internet Technology Zhen Zhi. As reported by The Bulletin, Saturday (7/7/201), the company is called Siri, a voice command technology in the iPhone 4S, violate patent rights. Zhi Zhen claimed to have developed a similar technology as the Siri Xiao i Robot.

Previously, the chemical company Jiangsu Xeubao also sued Apple. They complained to the use of the name in the version of Snow Leopard OS X was released in 2009. According to them, the name used Xeubao behind the company’s name is in Chinese which means Snow Leopard.

Thus, in one week, two new demands facing Apple. Long before these two cases, Apple also had to be painstakingly cleared a trademark dispute over the iPad name in China.

Company called Preview Technology claims the name infringes their trademark. They claimed to have bagged the rights to the name before Apple iPad presence.