Sky Go Mobile Apps Receiving Major Update, Allowing Users to Download Content

Sky Go Mobile AppsOriginally developed by Sky, Sky Go has become one of the most influential video streaming apps in the UK. For your information, Sky is a satellite television broadcasting company which has been around the industry for a while. Recently, the company is reported to be releasing a major update that may change the way its subscribers use the service.

As pointed out by The Telegraph, the update will allow users to download the content. Furthermore, the content will not only include those which are given based on users’ home Sky subscription but also some additional movies and TV series as well. There is a catch, though, which is that the content users have downloaded will only be available for 30 days.

We’re not sure how Sky can do this but the point is users are encouraged to watch whatever they have downloaded as soon as possible. Other than that, users are all free to go wild downloading anything they think is worth watching. The only things that may keep them from covering the wide selections of movies and TV series offered by Sky are the available space and their data plan.

Pricing will start at 5 pounds and for that, we’re sure other players will be having a hard time. Currently, other than Sky, the leading subscription-based streaming service providers are Netflix and LOVEfilm by Amazon. With almost similarly huge catalogue of movies, TV series and other multimedia content, both services charge users for 6 pounds and 5 pounds respectively. So what do you think UK fellows? Will you go on with the new plan offered by Sky?