Is This The Smart Watches Cooperation Apple and Intel?

Next year, Apple is rumored to be issued a new product. The product is not a variant of the iPad, iPhone, Mac or AppleTV, but a clever clock or a smart watch called the iWatch. To realize this project, Apple is reportedly working with the world’s largest chip company is Intel.


iWatch will have an iOS operating system as a variant iPod, iPhone, and iPad. From concept seems at this advanced design will look like on the iPod Nano 6th generation. In terms of appearance, the iPod Nano last tribute of Steve Jobs is very fashionable a music and video player that can be shaped box a watch. Unfortunately, the new CEO Tim Cook Apple iPad Nano totally change shape.

It may be that iWatch is a recent project where a smartphone would intangibles hours. Most likely, this is an affordable version of the iPhone presented by Apple. And, like the Siri voice assistant is useful to gadget like this, is not it?

As reported by PhoneArena, Thursday (12/27/2012), iWatch would use display Passive Matrix OLED (PMOLED) by 1.5 inches, like, the size is almost similar to the iPod Nano 6th generation.

Unfortunately, Apple has not commented on this news. As usual, this vendor is most famous secret meeting closes its products, though since Cook’s, they become a little loose. Whatever it was that made ​​Apple, hopefully it will be a useful product for us.