Smartphone Curved Screen LG G Flex Turns Cheaper Than Price Galaxy Round

Puzzle of the prices are set by LG for the first curved screen smartphone finally answered. South Korean manufacturer is the mobile phone with the official peg of 999 900 won.


According to the plan, the LG will start selling the smartphone in the South Korean market next week. In addition, LG also revealed that they will also provide this smartphone in the European market. And the first European country visited by G Flex this is France in December.

If you notice, the price is set by the LG is slightly cheaper than the official price of its competitors, namely Samsung Galaxy Round. As is known, the Galaxy Round pegged by Samsung with price 1.09 won.

A very high price for a smartphone. The Samsung also was also decided to sell the Galaxy smartphone Round to the U.S. market, even though they previously said that it would only sell in the domestic market.