Social Networking for Job Seekers – LinkedIn, Changing looks on BlackBerry

LinkedIn as social media to workers and job seekers to change zoom on its application in the BlackBerry becomes more interactive. Besides zoom changed LinkedIn for BlackBerry also has new features more.

You will see the logo / icon LinkedIn in the upper left corner; it will show you a sub menu. You’ll see a menu like the updates, you, inbox, and network. Updates will display all updates of group you’ve made the connection. You are profile pages yourself; inform all the information like a CV. Inbox here containing personal messages. And the last is the Network, such as references people who can serve as your connection.


LinkedIn in the modern world today is very important for you to professionals. It could be a head hunter looking for the best person for the job and when she saw your profile, and you were elected. You can download directly LinkedIn 2.0 in the BlackBerry App World.