Sony Ready stretcher 13 Megapixel Camera for iPhone 5S

The rumors of the presence of the iPhone 5S increasingly prevalent discussed on online media. Neither the specification that will be used smartphones is predicted to slide in July. Hot news this morning is use 13 megapixel camera sensor from Sony for the iPhone 5S.

iphone 5


Previously, Apple has teamed up with Sony to supply 5-megapixel camera on the Phone 5. This is evident from the results of the premium smarphone shots very nicely to the size of the mobile class, although the purple glare problem that often occurs is reportedly due to the use of sapphire crystal.

Not yet known whether the 13-megapixel camera sensor in Sony to Apple’s allotment equal to that of the Xperia Z. On the other hand Apple also is Preparing iPad Mini with Retina Display codename “J85” which will be released in October as reported by PhoneArena on Saturday (26/01/2013) then.

As we know, Sony is so far best known as a camera manufacturer. When penetrated the world of mobile phones, this Japanese vendor did not hesitate to bring the Cyber ​​Shot camera technology in mobile phone production. With this reputation, it’s no wonder it if Apple chose it as a partner in the camera supplier for its products.