Spotify Launches Program For The Rock Star loyal users

Spotify seems to appreciate his loyal fans by offering a special code for a free premium membership.

Known as Rock Star, this program was deliberately designed to recognize loyal Spotify users who often helps others in the community and also does not have a bad title on their profiles.


But once loyal users who would like to participate in this program, must undergo any procedure established previously. And even the process to be a Rock Star, loyal users are required to go through a process first Rising Star. Rock Star predicate itself is basically relative can be achieved only by helping existing communities and also increase the level.

When the user is authorized to Rising Star, then he will be able to enter an exclusive club as the place of the other Rock Star predicated users gather and help each other for better status. While every three months , Spotify will reportedly also reviewing Rising Stars whichever is more shining than others and at the same time promote it to fully bear the true Rock Star .

The system is pretty fun and is expected to provide the main attraction. As for the various rewards that exist in this program, including premium code, official Spotify gear, early access to the latest version of Spotify, invite to the question and answer session (Q & A), and many more.